Amlexanox Weight Loss Medication

Weight loss medications have been around for decades, and researchers are still finding advanced ways to control obesity and promote metabolism health. Amlexanox is a weight loss capsule that, when taken regularly, decreases body fat levels while controlling weight-gaining factors like glucose and insulin. At Medical Weight Loss Solutions, our Belleville, IL medical providers work with patients to find the perfect dosage and treatment options for their body type and lifestyle. So, if you’re ready to start your weight loss journey, try amlexanox to help improve your cell’s abilities to burn calories.

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What is Amlexanox?

Amlexanox, traditionally used to treat canker sores, is an anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory drug that helps reduce any pain caused by ulcers. With more research, amlexanox was found to be a great solution for weight loss due to its prevention of histamine and leukotrienes that cause inflammation. Amlexanox is often combined with TTA, or tetradecylthioacetic acid, which protects the body from excess fat while controlling the metabolism. Contact our medical providers in Belleville, IL, to learn more about how amlexanox can aid in your weight loss goals.

Benefits of Amlexanox

  • Reduces Body Fat
  • Improves Glucose Control
  • Improves Insulin Resistance
  • Improves HbA1C
  • Treats Asthma & Mouth Ulcers
  • Prevents Bone Loss

Side effects can include:

Like many other weight loss medications, amlexanox patients have experienced minor side effects from this daily treatment, including slight discomfort, stinging, burning of the skin, nausea, diarrhea, and rash. Please contact your medical provider if you notice an immediate rash after taking amlexanox.

How Amlexanox Works

Amlexanox works as an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic compound that activates your NF-KB pathway. This pathway stimulates genes associated with obesity and your cell’s ability to burn calories. When the proper amlexanox doses are taken, cells are immediately instructed to burn fat instead of muscle as an energy source. Many medical providers recommend pairing your amlexanox treatment with frequent physical activity and healthy eating to get high-quality and long-lasting results.


The standard dosage for amlexanox is one capsule three times a day before each large meal. In addition, patients are given a specific milligram dosage based on their current body fat percentage and lifestyle habits to aid in the best form of weight loss possible.

Mechanism of Action

Feedback Loops of Obesity

Loop 1

The first loop involves AMPK and NF-KB pathways.  In this loop, chronic stress triggered by obesity causes inflammation by activating the NF-KB pathway.  This pathway stimulates genes associated with inflammation and obesity including TBK1.  When TKB1 is activated, it shuts down the enzyme AMPK, reducing the cell’s ability to burn calories resulting in fat storage.  This is how obesity reduces overall energy expenditure.  To put it another way, the lazier fat cells you have, the less overall calories you burn, making it easier to store even more fat! AMPK is one of the master regulators of energy expenditure and also senses changes in energy levels during fasting and thus increases expenditure by instructing cells to burn fat rather than muscle as an energy source.  However, when fasting activates AMPK, it initiates the TBK1 enzyme, which inhibits AMPK’s role in burning fat.  This loop blocks energy expenditure both through inflammation and fasting.  The exciting part is that energy expenditure was restored in full when TBK1 was deleted from fat cells.  Research into these pathways has led to the development and use of drugs like Amlexanox and TTA which are helping to revolutionize the medical weight loss options.

Loop 2

While NK-FB induces TBK1, TBK1 then inhibits NF-KB.  The activation of TBK1 normally reduces inflammation, without eliminating it which causes a constant low-grade inflammation.  Without TBK1, inflammation increases.

The History of Amlexanox

Originally used as a medicine to help treat canker sores and asthma, amlexanox was first patented as an anti-inflammatory drug in 1994. Since then, recent studies have proven that amlexanox is a great solution for those looking to experience weight loss and body fat reduction. For example, amlexanox was recently the center of a proof-of-concept study where 42 obese patients with type 2 diabetes and fatty liver disease were given randomized samples of either a placebo or the controlled medication.

It was found that the patients with amlexanox had a significant reduction of Hemoglobin a1c, increased energy, and insulin sensitivity. To learn more about the benefits of amlexanox in weight loss treatment, contact our medical professionals in Belleville, IL, today.

Frequently Asked Questions

See what our medical providers have to say about some of the most asked questions regarding amlexanox.

At Medical Weight Loss Solutions, we believe in the importance of educating patients on our products. Browse through our most frequently asked questions and get real answers from our medical professionals. Don’t see your question listed? Contact us directly for a one-on-one consultation with someone from our team.

What is Amlexanox Used for?

Originally used to treat canker sores and ulcers in the mouth, Amlexanox is an anti-inflammatory medication with a tremendous long term safety profile that is becoming more common as a weight loss drug.  It has shown to be very effective at improving metabolic function, increasing insulin sensitivity, and decreasing food cravings.

How Should I Take This Medicine?

Our amlexanox treatment is taken orally three times daily before each large meal. If you think amlexanox may be right for you, contact our medical professionals to learn more about the dosage and treatment process.

Anything to Watch for After Taking Amlexanox?

Common side effects of amlexanox can include slight discomfort, stinging, burning of the skin, nausea, diarrhea, and rash. Please get in touch with your medical provider if you notice an immediate rash after taking amlexanox.

Is Amlexanox Right for Me?

Amlexanox is a fascinating compound that can both be used as the cornerstone of a weight loss program or as an adjunct to an existing comprehensive weight loss program.  It has these characteristics because of its multiple functions in the body. This includes greater insulin sensitivity helping to utilize sugars more efficiently, better fat oxidation helping to preferentially burn lipids for fuel, anti-inflammatory activity helping to decrease storage of fat and the ability to influence gene expression causing the body to move into a more positive metabolic state.

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