Prescription Weight Loss Medication

Weight gain is something that many individuals struggle with for years and even decades without guidance. There are many factors influencing the increase in obesity across the country including altered lifestyles, fast food and hidden ingredients, environmental toxins, internal hormone imbalances, and excessive daily stresses to name a few. There are countless people out there that have become discouraged with previous attempts at weight loss and eventually give up, only to revert to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Phentermine is an FDA-approved weight loss medication that for years has helped many struggling dieters.  Medical Weight Loss Solutions offers guided medical plans to improve your overall health and reverse the damage to your body from toxins.

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What is Phentermine?

Phentermine is a weight loss prescription medication that was approved by the FDA firstly in 1959. This compound is made up of corn starch, colloidal silicon dioxideFD&C blue #1, lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, stearic acid, and sucrose. There are several different brand names for phentermine including Adipex-P, Lomaira, and Suprenza that are recommended and prescribed by physicians. Talk with one of our providers to see is Phentermine is the best choice to help you reach your weight loss goals.

Benefits of Phentermine

  • Weight Loss
  • Reduction in Appetite
  • Lowered Cholesterol Levels
  • Improved Blood Sugar Control

Side effects can include:

Several minor side effects have been experienced by patients taking phentermine. This drug is recommended for short-term use, as long-term studies are still being experimented with by professionals. Low doses of phentermine combined with topiramate are FDA approved for long-term use with the following side effects:

Dry mouth, sleeping troubles, dizziness, heart palpitations, flushing of the skin, fatigue, constipation, and irritability.

While Phentermine shows a fair safety profile, one of the reasons its favorability has reduced is the presents of heart palpitations and increased pulse rate with use.  Several of the newer competitors in this market show no cardiac side effects and vastly superior weight loss.

How Phentermine Works

When taking your prescribed dose of phentermine, the active ingredients take effect in the form of an appetite suppressant. After taking your dosage first thing in the morning, phentermine will help you suppress your appetite, limiting how many calories you eat, and therefore allowing you to lose weight quicker than without a weight loss medication. Once the capsule is taken regularly, you will notice increased energy and mood enhancement that helps promote physical activity and serotonin levels.

To learn more about how phentermine can work for your body and weight loss goals, contact Medical Weight Loss Solutions in Belleville, IL.


Phentermine offers several dosage amounts depending on the needs of each patient. This weight loss medication is available in 8 MG, 15 MG, 30 MG, and 37.5 MG doses, and is typically taken once daily in the morning. Prescribers recommend patients avoid taking phentermine in the evening to prevent difficulty sleeping. Speak with your provider about the best dosage for your weight loss needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

See what our medical providers have to say about some of the most asked questions regarding Phentermine.

At Medical Weight Loss Solutions, we believe in the importance of educating patients on our products. Browse through our most frequently asked questions and get real answers from our medical professionals. Don’t see your question listed? Contact us directly for a one-on-one consultation with someone from our team.

How Much Weight Will I Lose with Phentermine?

We cannot stress enough that every body and metabolic system are different. With that, many patients taking Phentermine have decreased more than 5% of their body weight in a 12-week course. This percentage can vary depending on your current body weight.

What is the Typical Phentermine Dosage?

A typical dosage for Phentermine is a 37.5 mg pill taken orally once daily. Patients can choose to divide the prescription into two separate doses, one in the morning and another in the evening. While 37.5 mg is the average dosage, Phentermine can come in lower doses, as small as 8 mg.

Is Phentermine Safe?

Phentermine is FDA approved for short term weight loss typically up to 6 weeks.  It is not approved for more long-term use for chronic obesity and thus it’s use is diminishing as more versatile and superior medications become more available. Patients with cardiac issues need to be evaluated carefully before beginning this program.

Is Phentermine Right for Me?

Phentermine has been the preferred medication for most medical weight loss clinics for almost a decade. This drug functions primarily as a stimulant along with some appetite suppressant activity.    It shows fairly rapid, predictable weight loss which makes it an attractive choice for many.  However, it’s limitations have more recently led to a decrease in its usage.  While weight loss is rapid with this medication it is rarely long-term meaning most patients can gain weight back as quickly as they lost it unless significant changes are made to both dietary intake and exercise output long term.  This coupled with the advent of superior more long-standing medications, which actually help to reset metabolism and improve glucose and fat usage, means that this may no longer be the best option for many patients.  Your physician will discuss all the appropriate options that work best based on your individual needs.