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Semaglutide is a medically injected weight loss medication that helps regulate your appetite. Learn more from our team.
Tirzepatide is the breakthrough FDA approved medication that has taken the weight loss industry by storm.
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Is Medically Assisted Weight Loss For You?

Whether you need to lose just a little weight or a lot, making the necessary lifestyle changes to look and feel better is challenging.  Medical Weight Loss Solutions offers customized, patient specific medically assisted weight loss programs for patients throughout St. Louis and the Metro East Area.

Our expert physicians utilize proven FDA approved medications to help control your appetite and reset your metabolism while also working with you to facilitate long term lifestyle improvements.  This combination makes the process much easier to follow while also being much less limiting to your individual life.  The best part is that the results you see are permanent and unparalleled!

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The FDA Approves New Groundbreaking Treatment to Achieve Sustained Weight Loss

Lose Weight With Semaglutide

Our Personalized Approach to Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss Solutions follows a personalized approach to medical weight loss.

We conduct one-on-one consultations in order to understand your medical history, overall health, eating habits and fitness level. 

Based on a comprehensive understanding of you, we curate a personalized strategy for medical weight loss. Our medical weight loss programs include:

Why Medical Weight Loss Solutions

At Medical Weight Loss Solutions, we offer a variety of cutting-edge FDA Approved weight loss services customized to your unique, individual needs.  We never use a one-size-fits-all approach, as you may see in larger commercial weight loss centers, nor do we rely on limited or transient medical options like prepackaged meals, ultra-low calorie (HCG) starvation diets, food journaling or surgery.  Instead we use an array of different physician guided strategies to help you lose the pounds and keep them off. While each doctor’s primary focus is helping our patients reach their goal weight, we also work to correct underlying diseases associated with obesity and help you attain a healthy lifestyle so that you can get back to living the life that you deserve.  With our calculated medical programs and our utmost attention to patient care, our clients are able to safely lose those unwanted pounds.

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