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At Medical Weight Loss Solutions, we understand that the most effective way to lose weight is with an expert physician and a supervised program developed especially for you and your needs. Our team listens to what makes you different, the diets and exercises you’ve tried, and what your body needs to perform efficiently. Whether you’re looking to lose 10, 30, or even 100 pounds, our medical professionals have treatment plans that work with all body types. During your initial consultation, we’ll get your answers to the following questions:

  • What weight loss issues have you experienced?
  • Do you struggle with portion control, cravings for specific foods, or appetite issues?
  • Are you a victim of emotional, binge, or situational eating?
  • Do you suffer from a slow metabolism? 
  • What is your exercise capacity?

Our physicians use these factors as well as many others from your assessment to develop the optimal program, designed just for you, to ensure rapid, long-term success.  Get in touch with our team today to start your medical weight loss journey and start seeing dramatic, long-lasting results.

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Our providers have several decades of combined experience. Our diverse backgrounds in multiple medical sciences from orthopedics, anesthesia, surgery and physical therapy to ER and primary care have allowed us to interact with tens of thousands of patients who suffer from the long term consequences of being overweight or obese.  Observing the burden this puts on a body’s organ systems such as the heart, lungs, pancreas and liver or the biomechanical systems such as the back and knees was our impetus for starting Medical Weight Loss Solutions.  Our weight loss specialists have had the gift of helping thousands of patients live a healthier lifestyle including losing weight as a major component.  Our doctors look at each one of their patients as a unique person and have the goal of helping that patient learn to optimize their own individual health.  Not only do we want to see weight loss and the benefit that means for a persons self esteem and appearance but also what that means for their internal health and metabolic function to help reduce or eliminate things like diabetes or heart disease.  It is such a satisfaction for us to see the excitement a patient shows when they reach their goals knowing that they look and feel better and that they truly have a much healthier life than they had before starting with us.

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Obesity and excessive weight gain have become an epidemic in our country and are getting worse yearly.

Quite simply, this trend is not just a lack of willpower as there are specific scientific and medical explanations for this increase.  There are many factors influencing this spike, including altered lifestyle schedules, fast food and hidden ingredients, environmental toxins, internal hormone imbalances, and excessive daily stresses. Our weight loss specialists have had the gift of helping thousands of patients attain a healthier lifestyle by losing weight. Our doctors at Medical Weight Loss Solutions know how discouraging it can be to attempt weight loss programs, only to give up when there aren’t any results. Therefore, we are proud to offer guided medical plans as a final solution to our patients ready to reverse their unhealthy lifestyles and find weight loss treatments that work for their body type. Contact one of our doctors today to get started on your personalized weight loss program!